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Taux de change avantageux

Preferential exchange rate

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Services d’assistance

Assistance services

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Assurer vos proches

Insure your family members

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Acquérir un bien immobilier

Buy a property

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Constituer une épargne

Build a saving

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Transférer votre argent

Transfer your money

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Wajda Bila Houdoud Find out

Wajda Bila Houdoud

  • Prepaid card for cash withdrawals and payments
  • Anonymous or nominative 
  • Can be topped up through various channels: at the branch, online, at the ATM.


  • Your transfers via bank card allowing you to easily send money to Morocco or Tunisia.
  • Funds available within a maximum of 72 hours after receipt of the funds
  • Transfer made via an electronic payment terminal
  • No risk of theft or loss of cash
  • Service available only from France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain.


  • Your transfers via check deposit allowing you to easily send money to Morocco.
  • Free choice of the amount to transfer
  • No risk of theft or loss of a card or cash
  • Only available in France and Belgium


  • Your money transfers via cash payment allowing you to easily send cash.
  • Funds available within a maximum of 48 hours
  • Preferential rates based on the amount transferred


  • Your transfers via debit account allowing you to send money regularly or occasionally.
  • Frequency and amount of transfers adaptable to your needs
  • Funds available within a maximum of 48 hours after receipt of the debit account order


  • Your transfers via direct debit allowing you to send money rapidly and regularly.
  • Direct debits can be changed and cancelled at any moment
  • Flat rate whatever the amount transferred: €3.50
TRANS’VIR Find out


  • Your money transfers via transfer order, accessible whatever your French bank, allowing you to transfer money for the price of a national wire transfer.
  • Your funds are available within a maximum of 72 hours once the wire transfer is made.
TRANS’MED Find out


  • Your bank transfers from a current account held with the Banque Postale to an Attijariwafa bank current account opened in Morocco or in Tunisia.
  • Available from a Post Office, online or by postal mail
  • Sending of pre-personalized transfer orders based on your needs
  • Your funds are transferred directly to your Attijariwafa bank account in Morocco or Attijari bank in Tunisia
  • Service available only from France
Sarf Bila Houdoud Find out

Sarf Bila Houdoud

  • Preferential exchange rates
  • Available in our 1200 branches
Age d’or Bila Houdoud Find out

Age d’or Bila Houdoud

  • A solution that combines profitability, security, flexibility and availability 
  • Savings that are gradually built starting from MAD 200 DH/month 
  • Secured savings with attractive returns
Bila Houdoud Tawfir Find out

Bila Houdoud Tawfir

  • Paid Booklet savings account
  • Tawfir card for your withdrawals in Morocco
  • Attijarinet to manage your account online
Miftah Bila Houdoud Find out

Miftah Bila Houdoud

  • Up to 100% financing
  • Preferential rates
  • Expertise and advice
  • Flexible refund
  • Complementary protection: Insurance in the event of death or disability
Macharii Bila Houdoud Find out

Macharii Bila Houdoud

  • Financing solutions for your investment, creation, or extension projects
  • Term of the loan from 2 to 15 years
  • Possibility to benefit from the MDM Invest contribution
Injad Bila Houdoud Find out

Injad Bila Houdoud

  • Multiple assistance cover
  • Death, technical and medical assistance
  • Whatever your country of residence
  • Starting from MAD 100 per year
  • Technical assistance in the event of a breakdown, accident, or theft of your car
Sihat Hbabi Find out

Sihat Hbabi

  • Hospital insurance for you and your family members in Morocco
  • Hospital and transport fees are covered
  • 100% coverage or refund of costs incurred
Savings account Find out

Savings account

  • Interest-bearing and available savings
  • No obligation to lock funds and no obligation of duration
Rahat Hbabi Find out

Rahat Hbabi

  • Insurance for you and your family in the event of death or disability 
  • Flexibility: you have the choice between several plans to suit your needs 
  • Simplicity and speed of service delivery 
  • Peace of mind for your family in Morocco 
Bila Houdoud Oumla Find out

Bila Houdoud Oumla

  • Current account in convertible dirhams + freebies + bank card
  • Remote access through Attijarinet and SMS alerts
  • Legal advice service
  • Booklet savings account
  • Your paid and available savings
  • No obligation to block funds or obligation of duration
Pack Bila Houdoud 18-30 Find out

Bila Houdoud 18-30 Pack

  • Current account in dirhams + freebies
  • Bank card with a choice of visual designs
  • Remote access through Attijarinet and SMS alerts
  • Legal advice service
Pack Bila Houdoud Find out

Bila Houdoud Pack

  • Current account in dirhams + freebies + bank card
  • Remote access through Attijarinet and SMS alerts
  • Legal advice service

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